adrian galvan

Digital Animation

Adrian is a Colorado native with a passion for creating things. This passion started when he was very young and first exposed to the limitless potential of video games. Growing up with the gaming community and comic books as strong influences in his life he realized that he wanted to be able to create that same experience for others. This led him to pursue an education in animation and 3D asset creation through UCD’s Digital Animation Center. Now, Adrian is an aspiring 3D generalist who hopes to one day open his own production studio.



As an artist, I enjoy all stages of the creative process. One of my biggest concerns since the production’s earliest stages was to insure that we told a compelling and engaging story. As our story became more concrete and towards its final stages of development I transitioned into more of a generalist role. Throughout this production I found myself working on sculpting, modeling, texturing, lighting, and even a little bit of animating. Overall, I’m proud of what our class has accomplished over the course of the past year and half. It’s been a pleasure watching all of our hard work mesh together and become something bigger than any one element.