alex walsh

Digital Animation

Alex Walsh is an aspiring motion graphics, compositing artist, and video editor. At a young age, Alex found great interest in art and computer graphics in high school and through Boy Scouts. Alex achieved the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 15 and has continues to use the leadership skills he learned in Scouting in his classes and in his daily life.

After being accepted to CU Denver, Alex was successfully admitted into the 3D Animation program. Over the last few years at CU Alex has faced many challenges, but he still loves learning about 3D graphics and animation. The Fine Arts program has helped Alex discover many other passions in the pipeline of filmmaking including: videography, photography and digital painting.



During the development of the Senior Short, Bamboo, I applied my skills in post-production and project management. I helped organize and administer the asset management workflow during the production of the short. I also was the lead for the rendering and compositing team for Bamboo.

I would like to thank all the members of the team and my professors for all their dedication and hard work on Bamboo. Looking forward to the future I am looking to focus on improving my skills and learning more about motion graphic, compositing, video editing, and videography.

I plan to get started with freelance work while looking for a studio to learn the inner workings of running a business in this industry. As someone who found a love for entrepreneurship and the idea of owning their own business, one day I will make my dreams of owning my own agency come true.