david gomez

Digital Animation

Growing up in a family of artists, David began pursuing his love of the Fine Arts early in childhood, having been taught by his father and watching his brothers begin their own endeavors in their careers he began on his journey to tread his own path. Forging his way forward he began working in digital media in high school and over the course of his college career, began experimenting in the world of digital 3d, and thus found his way to the animation program at UCD.



What more is there to say, I have been involved in creating a magnificent world that others can experience, from developing characters, cloth and helping with environments, to helping produce a beautiful final product I have gained knowledge that I never thought I’d ever know or understand.

Throughout these past four years I have made new friends, learned new skills and developed an earnest passion in something that truly means something to me, I could not have chosen a more rewarding career path, I am truly grateful for having been given the chance to become part of something bigger with others who share that same passion. The skills, both interpersonal and technical that I’ve gained will be carried throughout my lifetime, I am looking forward to the next steps in my journey.