darshae hobley

Digital Animation

Darshae was born and raised in the Denver Metro Area. Her earliest childhood memories were her playing epic games of make-believe and enjoying Saturday morning cartoons. These things inspired her to create her own environments. It was in High school where she fell in love with the process of creating animation because she realized it’s another way to create her own environments. This led her making plans to study 3D animation in college. Her dream is to work in the creative industry as 3D generalist with a focus on texturing.



As a 3D artist, I have come to the realization that in order to create some of the best 3D content, it is important to have a great story and a talented team behind it. While working on Bamboo, I have learned that each time I create a new texture or environment it is important to understand the background of the piece.

Before I create a piece, I ask myself, “Why was the piece created, how long has it been here, and what is its significance to the environment or story as a whole”? I also realized the importance of having a talented team that constantly looks over its members and pushes each member to improve. When I start my journey after college I hope to work either in the film or game industry.