deanna linsenbigler

Digital Animation

Deanna has always had a fascination regarding the folklore and mythology of different cultures. Japanese anime was a way of learning those tales and one of the driving factors to get into Animation. However it wasn’t until she visited the Microsoft Campus to visit her brother, that her interest in the field was fully awakened. While getting the tour of the campus, she was shown the different departments and even the audio recording rooms. Spotting a pile of wood in one, her brother explained that they would smash it to get broken wood sound effects. From then on she knew she wanted to be apart of the world of animation.

After being apart of the DAC, she obtained many general skills involving animation but her favorite is making the models. The act of creating the foundations to something great and beautiful is what she enjoys the most in this field.



When I first decided to go into animation -funny enough, after my brother informed me of the ways they got different sound effects- I knew I wanted to work on the modeling aspects. I always loved looking at the way a game looks and how a movie can make something look so real without it being there. The graphics drew me in and made me want to create things just as amazing and wonderful.

After dabbling in a few different parts of what animation is, I discovered that though I like texturing and animating a bit, creating the base for those is what I truly enjoy. Character, prop, and even environment models are the foundation of everything. If it’s not there or something is modeled incorrectly, there’s no product.

For our senior short, Bamboo, I was able to work on both the modeling team and animation team. I learned to really appreciate what it takes to animate something to the point that it makes the viewer really feel something for what they’re watching. I look forward to the future where I get to do what I love everyday and make something that people will enjoy.