emmanuel deluna-martinez

Digital Animation

Emmanuel DeLuna on the surface is a 3D modeler and VF artist, but to his friends and family he is an avid and passionate gamer. His summers during childhood were spent at arcades in Mexico with his cousins. Countless hours and pesos were spent there on “King of Fighters” and “Marvel VS. Capcom” machines; learning to become a better player and developing a deeper understanding for the more complex interactions these games presented.

This passion for gaming would continue to develop as he grew older, witnessing first hand as games evolved from simpler two-dimensional pixel art to more advanced 3D models. It was this passion that lead him to pursue a career in 3D animation and become a 3D modeler, to create the exciting environments the characters interacted in. In order for the fight to take place a stage must be set.



During the program I found myself really enjoying creating 3D models. From working on characters and props to creating a set, I found myself most useful and at home when creating models. The occasional visual effect was also fun to work on.