kathy hweih

Digital Animation

Animating since middle school, Kathy had quickly found her calling. From Venezuela, she arrived to the United States only a couple of months old, as her parents believed that she would find better opportunity. With supportive parents, she decided that she knew her career path from growing up with the number of animated films and video games. She wanted to become an animator. Exploring different universities, she found that UCD would truly benefit her and her want to learn more about film making and the art of 3D.



Four years passed by quickly, and I feel as though I have learned a lot. From Maya to ZBrush to Adobe Photoshop, I thought for a while that I wanted to be animator, but found that I love character design and creating stories far more. I want to tell stories that people have never seen before. Stories that people can truly be affected by, alongside creating memorable characters.

For my senior short film, Bamboo, I was able to participate in writing the story with a small group of people. I designed and modeled the two pandas in the film, alongside texturing them, assisting in rigging, and animating several of the shots. Along the way, I have made friends and experienced how it was like to work in a large team. It has been a challenging road, but a worthwhile experience working with others and creating something that I am proud of.