rebekah bill

Digital Animation

An artist since she could pick up a crayon, with a naturally curious mind she would learn how things worked so she could take it apart and create her own work from the pieces. The only thing she was sure of, was her love of creating art of all kinds. She went and graduated from Arapahoe Community College with an associates degree in art, but unsure of what career path to follow. She originally thought to become an art teacher. Until meeting several DAC students at a convention, she instantly knew that an animator was what she wanted to be.



I love to create and invent new things, through various types of art I have tried it all. But I found something special in pursuing this degree. Animating, storyboarding, and drawing became my favorite parts of going for a degree in 3D animation. Through the crazy all nighters with equally stressed friends and classmates. To the amazing presentations of everyone's work at the end of every project.

In our final project as our thesis project we created a short film from the ground up. I was able to be a part of the story and storyboard team for the first semester in the planning stages of our short film Bamboo. Then in our sr. year I for some reason decided to take a shot at being the coordinator for the animation team for this short. In the future I aim to work at either an animation or a game studio.