rob garcia

Digital Animation

Roberto Garcia was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico and raised in Colorado. His goal is to create or work on what he loves the most, video games. His passion for video games is what inspired him from the beginning to delve into 3D Animation at UCD. Over the 4 years in the program VFX has caught his attention more due to its more technical control. He hopes to work in either the video game industry or the film industry.



During my time in the program there was nothing besides modeling that grabbed my interest. Once I was on my 3rd year I had a chance to take a VFX class. It opened my mind to how much more a 3D artist can do. I started with creating smoke for the North Pole project and creating water as well. For the thesis project Bamboo I worked on VFX by simulating cloth with Qualoth/nCloth. Though it is more technical work, it is always great to see good end results after a long simulation.