seth loovis

Digital Animation

Seth was born in the small mountain town of Durango Colorado into a life of farming and agriculture. Slowly acquiring a love for technology and video games it would not be until after high school where he realized his passion lies within the world of 3D art. Seth was able to grow his skills and passion for computer animation at UCD. Through the program he was able to experience the process of creating a 3D animated short film in a team environment. Seth hopes to find himself at a studio where he can dive head first into the extensive world of gaming from a creative standpoint.



Looking back I never would have imagined to end up where I am now, but, pursuing a 3D animation degree was the best decision I ever made. The entire process of creating the animated short has helped me grow and blossom into the artist I am now. I consider myself a 3D generalist but would love to branch off towards being a character or prop artist in the game industry.

For our senior short, Bamboo, I was lucky enough to work on all aspects regarding the creation of one of the main characters in the short. This included digital sculpting, retopologizing, clothing, texturing, and rigging. In addition to the character I was also able to model various other props within the film. Working In a production environment with such a great team has been a very rewarding experience that I hope to bring to wherever I may end up in the future.