ted conry

Digital Animation

For Ted's whole life he has always loved dogs. Ever since he was very little he enjoyed being around dogs. It brought him great joy every time he saw a dog. Even in high school all he could think about was dogs and how great they are. When he was older he still couldn't stop thinking about dogs. It was all he could think about. Every time he thought of a dog it made him smile. It was his focus for most of his life. The way that Ted feels about dogs is the way Ted feels about art.



I work very hard at whatever I do. I like a good challenge and I think that's why I choose VFX and Hair effect as my specialty. I'm always problem solving issues and I make it my focus until the problem is solved. I have been an artist ever since I was very little. I have a good eye for aesthetic and visually appealing mediums. I have been a painter for several years and I never could sell my art because I was too attached to my artwork. Animation seems to be the answer to distribute my work and let the world see my unique point of view.