yosua hermawan

Digital Animation

Yosua enjoyed to draw out his imagination as a young boy. Slowly those doodles turned out to be just garbage art after years of neglections. But that did not sway him from his artistic side. Though through this Yosua gained an important mindset that determined his style of art over the years. In highschool Yosua just happen to stumble upon 3d modeling/animation as a class and to his surprise he quite enjoyed it and was fairly decent at it.

This interest soon became somewhat of a passion and it lead him to compete multiple times in the SkillUSA competition which brought out the competitive side of him. Having placed first in the nationals level Yosua finally took an interest to pursuing this path as a 3D Modeler/Animator. And now he is in the DAC pursuing his interest and hoping he could keep doing what he loves for a living.



I’ve never pulled an all nighter, but I know I never needed to because you can get everything done if you can just work and work without getting distracted. So if you want to get things done just do it yourself and you have all day to work. The night is for sleep.