brennen turner


Brennen Turner (b.1991) is an artist based in Denver, Colorado. He holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Transmedia Sculpture from the University of Colorado Denver. He has been involved with several group exhibitions in gallery spaces all across Colorado. Including Pirate: Contemporary Art (2016), the Museum of Outdoor Arts (2016), Emmanuel Gallery (2017), Access Gallery (2015), the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center (2014) and a teaching gallery exhibition at the Denver Art Museum (2014).



Driven by a preference for creating purely aesthetic and material focused works. My projects are visually inspired by twentieth century art, design and architecture. Each form I create becomes an attempt to examine new narrative functions brought about by selected wood and metal materials.

Before I begin a sculpture, I ask myself how can I utilize the physical properties of the woods and metals to guide the construction of the work. Part architectural, minimalist and constructivist. I set out to discover new ways to orient industrially produced materials.