allexandra christensen

Digital Design

Alexandra is a multifaceted designer specializing in user experience, design research, and interaction design, with a dash of visual design flair. As a passionate user advocate, she values continuous learning and validated design work.

Currently, Alexandra is employed as an in house designer at LogRhythm, a Boulder-based cyber security company. Here she applies her human centered design capabilities to a myriad of products and experiences. After graduation, Alexandra plans to continue pursuing her passion of working on products that promote positive change globally.



denver art museum app redesign

Category: User Experience Design

As an individual engrossed in the pursuit of lifelong learning, I am continually fascinated in studying new concepts and ideas. Art has consistently challenged me in this manner, as there is an endless supply of conceptual, technical, and visual variances to discover and comprehend.

This understanding of the arts on a deep level is something that should be accessible to all who possess the desire to learn. Therefore, I am endeavoring to provide and promote enhanced learning within art museums via harnessing new technologies and empowering users. With the induction of personal devices, museums now have the opportunity to equip their audiences with the resources to learn at their own rate and to the level they desire.

In this way, attendees’ comprehension and evaluation of art and exhibitions is no longer restricted by their art historical background. Instead, this democratic approach allows the user control over the enhancement of their knowledge and exploration of new ideas in the realm of art.