william johnston

Digital Design

William Johnston is a 28 year old washed up musician who somehow found his way into design. Finding this new creative outlet, he developed strong interests in typography, hand lettering, and branding. His passion for drawing letters has led him to painting type murals and commissioning hand lettering projects around Colorado.

He currently works as a designer with an emphasis in branding. William will be graduating in 2018 with a BFA in Digital Design. Following graduation, he plans to continue to learn and grow as a brand specialist while pursuing type and lettering in his free time.



blind sans

Category: Typography

I honestly never thought I’d be a designer. I didn’t draw or paint growing up; I didn’t even open Illustrator until my first day of school. I was always going to be a musician who toured and shared my art of expression through singing. When that went away I didn’t know what was going to come next, but I knew it had to be something rooted in expression.

Since joining the design community this has manifested itself in two ways: branding and hand lettering. When it comes to branding I’m fascinated with aligning with a client to create a system that expresses their values in a way that is not just beautiful, but most importantly effective.

Hand lettering on the other hand (pun intended?) is more of a progression from playing music. Starting as just an ongoing side project and a way to express myself, I quickly fell in love with exploring ways to express different sentiments. The world of handlettering is vast and provides an outlet to continuously challenge myself.

I love branding, I love drawing letters and I really love when I get to do both at the same time.