vy pham

Digital Design

Throughout his youth in Denver, Colorado, Vy Pham had only vaguely been interested in the artistic and creative world/s. Since then, he has discovered his artistic-intrigue at the University of Colorado Denver, currently focused on Digital Design, as well as Photography.

He is currently working in the area of print design as well, which has rekindled a passion for printed media, and its implementation in present-day society. This intersection of disciplines, ranging from fine-art photography to screen-printing and digital design is what he would ultimately like to build his career upon.



dark rooms

Category: Environmental Design

I am fascinated by the way we experience the spaces we encounter. I have spent much time in the Auraria Photo Lab—A collaborative and creative space for CU Denver and Metro Photography students on the auraria campus. In my time there, I have noticed that there are a number of ways that the environmental experience can be streamlined.

Through a human-centric research and design process, I intend to explore a number of ways for students to navigate the space in an intuitive, and ultimately more efficient way—this will help to foster their creative productivity by reducing a number of roadblocks that have been, are, and might become present within the environment.

I plan to create a visually and experientially refined sense-of-place for students within this art-educational space. I find that guiding & nudging, rather than telling is an important aspect of my project goals. Working with a series of digital mockups and environmental prototypes, I plan to develop a well-designed large and small-scale wayfinding system that will inform the users and help create an optimal workflow and navigation system that fosters creative freedom.