tregg frank

Digital Design

Tregg is a Product/Interaction designer focused on multimodal connected experiences and emerging technologies. With four internships under his belt, he’s worked with AI backed smart city software, voice user interfaces, synchronous smart TV and mobile applications, and clients spanning many industries.

He prides himself on his human-centered design approach and considers himself a serial advocate for the user. Tregg will be relocating to New York City after the semester ends to work on large scale products and cutting-edge technology.




Category: Digital Product Design

I started designing and building websites in 5th grade. Like any cool kid, I would go with my father to the bookstore and buy “Computer Arts Magazine.” I'd read about what it’s like to be a freelancer, how to prepare your portfolio, and what the hit software was that year. Design was innate in me, even when I put the mouse down in favor of a guitar for several years. Rediscovering my love for design pushed me down this beautiful rabbit hole called “user experience.”

In the wake of America's recent political turmoil, I’ve turned my attention to the phenomenon of disinformation. The term “fake news” is a buzz word on all sides of the political spectrum for a good reason. Misinformation and disinformation is a massive problem in our digital spaces. My goal is to create a platform that mitigates users’ consumption of misinformation through proactive and reactive measures.