paulina emmons

Digital Design

Paulina is a 24 year old nerd that writes silly songs. Falling in love with the way movies, tv shows, video games and books/comics can make you feel has inspired her to find ways to visually share that experience with others. She now strives to be a motion designer and work with virtual reality.




Category: Motion Design

Growing up, my mother would always make up fantasy stories to put me to bed. She would put in enough detail to make you feel like you were part of the story. It was one of the things I loved about books and video games; the ability for these things to take you out of your element and escape somewhere else. On a study abroad trip to Copenhagen, we visited many firms that were working with installations and interactivity. I then realised that my love for immersion into other places and stories could be something I can combine with my education and carry through to a career. With the technology that is emerging, I think that the world of reading should be embraced and made better. My goal is to use that technology to make reading a more immersive experience. I aim to put the reader inside of the environment of the books they read, so they can feel like they are truly in the stories without it taking away from the experience of holding an actual book.