lisa winkler

Digital Design

Directly out of high school, Lisa studied to become a Biology teacher, but life had other plans. She became a photographer instead, and after owning her own photography and photo editing business for many years, she found herself returning to college to study Digital Design at CU Denver. She is greatly inspired by her passions of travel, Italy, the Italian language, and TaeKwon-do.



tul tool promotion video

Category: Motion Design

Voice interface design has emerged as a significant character in the world of design. We see its use in many of our everyday technological devices, from Siri on our iPhones, to our smart home devices. Google Home and Amazon Echo have become part of the typical household vocabulary. Using the Amazon Echo, and in particular, the Echo Show, I hope to initiate a dialog between martial artists and technology, aiding the practitioner of martial arts in the further education of their art with an interactive experience. We have so many tools at our fingertips; it is time to utilize them to their utmost potential and design something that does not yet exist.

For the sake of this project, the UX design, while definitely possible in the future, is not currently doable, therefore, the use of motion design becomes a key player in demonstrating the interface that could exist once technology catches up. Through the use of motion design, the future Tul Tool becomes a foreseeable product.