jaime roy

Digital Design

Jaime Roy was born and raised in Colorado, coming from parents who lived the Big Apple life. She came to appreciate the smaller network of design in Denver and she aims to create motion design and videos within the film industry that tell stories. After all, if it weren’t for the old, traditional stories about why a person should never pick up a random gold ring, she never would have been into art in the first place.

It was the experience of the Digital Design Program at the UCD, that made her realize her passion for motion and video design. Here, she found a spot for herself in the world.



book worm self-publishing animations

Category: Motion Design, Animation

My passion for art began when I was in elementary school, drawing cartoons in my diary entries. As I grew older, I realized that art has always been a deep part of my life, whether I was aware or not. I am a graphic designer, working in motion graphics, animation, film and video. I strive to make my motion projects tell stories.

When you can tell a narrative simply using visuals and audio, you can connect with audiences on an emotional level. This is why authors write: so that people can read their tales. Yet it can be a struggle to tell the right story. My thesis explores how to inform new authors on the experience of self-publishing, so that they can share their stories with more of us.

For me, design is an industry that is constantly evolving as technology and cultures change over time. All aspects of design are important, even if it is not my specialty or interest. I am excited to see how the industry of design will continue to evolve as I step out my front door to be swept away in this world. Once I'm done, I'm sure I'll have a tale or two to tell the world.