ethan stewart

Digital Design

Ethan Stewart is a multifaceted creative with a background in street art, technology, and fashion. As a designer and photographer, his interests and skills transcend various media and design types — ranging from his main focus, user experience design, to fashion and sculpture, all the way to 3D animation and virtual reality.

Building computers introduced him to the world of digital art and design, allowing him the opportunity to explore the potential of new tools. Since studying at CU Denver and DIS Copenhagen, Ethan’s focus has been on the world of user experience and interaction design.



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Category: User Experience Design

Since gaining experience both at home and abroad, I have focused on crafting immersive experiences utilizing emerging technologies. By exploring and researching interaction design, psychology, philosophy, sustainable design, and social engagement by design, I hope to gain further insight into building experiences to help people.

Design, to me, is art with a purpose. As designers, we are always exploring new tools for creative problem-solving and seeking new methods of discovery with the hope of finding solutions. My goal with everything I create is to introduce users to new experiences. I find design inspiration from culture, travel, and personal experience. I strive to replicate similar experiences for others through any number of creative methods. I feel that art and experience should be shared with the world, not kept to yourself. I feel that we must inspire and engage people with art and design with the hope of improving the world and helping us understand what it means to be human.

Art is long, life is short. We might as well make something out of it.