chris von burske

Digital Design

Chris is a Graphic Designer from Denver. When growing up, the two things he enjoyed most were skateboarding and poorly rendered doodles. Naturally, he went to a local college and asked an advisor if they had a graphic design program. The advisor told him that they offered Digital Design. Chris replied, “what’s that, like Photoshop and stuff?” He quickly learned that design is a lot more than “Photoshop and stuff.” Chris can now be found drinking (too much) coffee and working at his studio in Golden, Colorado.



design & dissent

Category: Graphic Design

For as long as humans have been able to make marks, we have been using design to achieve our goals. Design has been used effectively in protest, political campaigns, and social justice movements for centuries.

My thesis aims to study how graphic design and typography have been used to create change throughout history—and to use these insights to create tasteful images that speak to our social climate in 2018.