breece kelsey

Digital Design

Breece is a Digital Design student at the University of Colorado Denver. His primary passions are animation and motion design, but he also has experience in print and web development. From Fall 2017 through Spring 2018, Breece worked as a web designer on the marketing team at CU Denver’s Business School.




Category: Motion Design

As a motion designer, I take inspiration from films, YouTube, music videos, advertisements, and Japanese Anime. In college, my interest in anime grew as I began to see it as a possible career path for me. In 2015, I took the opportunity to study abroad in Japan – an experience that greatly increased my interest in Japanese culture, animation, music, and language.

I have an enormous appreciation for video editors and animators who synchronize music with well-timed action events. When watching a movie, or a show, or playing a game, the timing of scene cuts, characters’ actions, or story arc transitions with music queues grabs my attention more than anything else. When it’s done well it gives me goosebumps. That’s why with every video project I make, I challenge myself to bring sound design and motion design together to create more memorable pieces of work.

While motion design is my primary creative outlet, I also enjoy making vector illustrations for myself and my friends, coding my personal website by hand, and making content with the creative tools that some video games offer, like Portal 2’s level editor. I think my variety of interests gives me the flexibility to try different career paths within the design world.