anna zhylava

Digital Design

Anna was born in Ukraine and moved to Colorado at the age of four. She has gravitated toward visual design from an early age, making CD booklets and Xanga fansites in elementary school.

She discovered her love for UX/UI while in the Digital Design program, attracted by the mix of logical and creative thinking required in the field. She enjoys creating aesthetically pleasing compositions and solving real-world problems using design.



the zine exchange

Category: UX/UI Design

As someone who’s always had niche interests, I recognize the importance of being part of a community where those interests can be expressed and shared with others. For my thesis project, my goal is to create a digital community where people can easily trade and discover zines made by artists working in a variety of mediums.

Zine trading is an essential aspect of zine culture, but no digital platform has been specifically designed for this purpose. I want to change that. I will be utilizing my favorite design disciplines, including UX/UI, branding, and illustration, to arrive at the final product.