amber weber

Digital Design

Amber is an experience designer and researcher devoted to supporting individuals and companies in improving their design and process. Human-centered design is at her core and she makes an effort to inspire this within others as well.

Products need not only to function well, but to evoke emotion and pleasure with the user. Amber intends to bring this thought process into the teams she works with in order to create the best possible products.




Category: UX/UI Design

Psychotherapy practice is a fundamental service in treating those with mental illness, trauma and the like. My aim is to supplement these practices with a platform that supports the modern individual. With less and less time being devoted to self-help due to the demand of school, work and other important life responsibilities, there is a need for this type of platform. With my knowledge of user experience design, I hope to create a system for which individuals can supplement their current psychotherapy treatment, whether that be in person or via telemedicine tactics.