byron vargas


Byron Vargas cultivated an early interest in art while watching his family capture the world on paper. His stylized illustrations are inspired by the colors and textures of the world and experimentation with medium. He believes his art is a vital tool to teach lessons in generosity, self-respect, reverence, tolerance, acceptance, and love. With his passion and work ethic he is able to finance and pursue his artistic endeavors. Born in Oakland, CA, Bryon lives and works in Colorado.



I believe art and design fundamentals, –building blocks of fun, are lacking from children’s education and entertainment. Art history describes the direction of human experience and is a vehicle for learning and understanding reality. Art can be a nurturing source for youth with irresistible curiosity.

Illustration tells a story through images without words, through edification and enlightenment. My illustration thesis introduces young readers to the elements and key eras in Art History through graphic sequential images. Art Sequential illustration is proven to be an effective method for disseminating art and design practices to a young audience. In this thesis, I demonstrate the elements of design and how they can be applied to different movements in art history. The goal is for the reader to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the arts as both an entity and a practice. Through the introduction of concepts, the practical application of those concepts to various art eras, and the analysis of how they accomplish a symbiotic arrangement, it is this project’s purpose to elucidate what art is and how approachable it can be.