brandon vargas


Brandon Vargas is an illustrator and fine artist “born and raised,” in Colorado. Denver-based, Brandon grew up researching esoteric topics, listening to the news, and drawing. His favorite topics of conversation are serial killers, cult, and occultist philosophy. He is a great person to ask for recommendations for blood magic rituals will bring you closer to upsetting your family. Brandon’s favorite mediums are digital, screen printing, ink on “Claybord”. He likes to make gifs and make silkscreen prints for friends and enemies.



My art and thesis illustrations have become a discussion platform derived from an escape from an emotionally, traumatizing relationship, and from someone I knew I didn’t want to be. The path of introspection, struggle, vulnerability is now turned towards healing and ways to develop an empathetic understanding between people. By sharing an honest dialogue, two people can take part in truth. The human experience has complexity, and without truth and honesty it is possible to miss the gift of each other’s lives.

The fear of vulnerability and honest dialogue pushes away truth. Our experiences are filled with beauty, pain, fear, pleasure, grief, happiness, elation, and fury. To snub from them is to shrink away from the grand, bounty of life. To run away from emotions is to cower away from individual experience. My illustrations represent a desire to maintain an internal balance while I seek answers and ways to better myself.