annabelle huffman


Originally from the Bay Area, Annabelle grew up with both hands immersed in the art community and has never let go since. Using a traditional fine arts background blended with contemporary illustration, Annabelle seeks to perfect her unique creative expression. Emphasizing her passion for wildlife conservation, Annabelle uses her artistic capabilities as a voice for species in need of advocacy.

Bringing conceptual brain farts to life, Annabelle plans to use her degree in Illustration to reinvent storytelling, grow visual inspiration and bring awareness to environmentalism through art.



My Thesis Project is a map representing endangered species from around the world using my own illustration style & creative perspective. This project is meant to be a tactile source for environmental education as well as animal advocacy. Not only did I want to make something that could be functional but I also wanted to make my work speak with purpose. I have never met someone that didn’t have a favorite animal growing up and this project is meant to embody that feeling. My thesis is to show that child-like quality in eidetic memory while also sending the message of how important wildlife conservation is to both children & adults.

The body of work consists of Earth’s continents with highlighted endangered species located on each piece of the map. While there are far too many animals currently on the conservation lists, I chose a select few from each continent for this particular project. In the future I hope to make more versions including more species in need of awareness from those lists. My goal is to produce something that will bring the viewer closer to an animal they might not have the chance to see in their lifetime. While this planet is vast, if there is any progress to be made through art and advocacy I plan on using my creative practice to the best of my abilities. My voice as an artist is to create for & with my passions and my Thesis Project reflects that ideal.