wesley rhoads


Wesley Rhoads is the first artist in his family. His style is hand-drawn using dry mediums such as graphite and color pencil, and occasionally oil paints and watercolors. He finds ways to draw anything with people and blends what he sees with new and interesting styles. Wesley’s passion for art has skyrocketed since studying Illustration at University of Colorado and Denver, the skills he’s developed are pushing him further than he thought possible and making him a stronger illustrator.



Women are the focus of my project–women of great accomplishment. Women have always been underappreciated and overlooked for the things they have done throughout history in every field imaginable. So my project brings to light women who have accomplished truly great things in their lives to advance science, culture and the world.

My project consists of 20 different women portraits made using colored pencil on colored paper. The illustrations are reproduced as trading cards. The portrait is on the front, and a brief history of the women and her accomplishments is located on the back of the card. These trading cards are packed together in sleeves in groups of 8 cards and handed out to the public.

When people open the packs, they are excited to see which cards they get. They can keep the cards and learn about women and their accomplishments. Giving and trading cards about important women is a fun and nostalgic way to remember and honor people. The illustrative portraits give these women a fun way to not only just be taught a fun fact about but to be remembered and then shared just like Baseball cards throughout the 20th and 21st century.