vutha chan


Vutha Chan is a Denver-based illustrator, photographer and a first-generation Cambodian-American. Growing up as a kid in the 90s, Vutha fell in love with cartoons such as “Dragon Ball Z” and “Hey Arnold” which influence his illustrative style of–thick strokes and graffiti aesthetics. Vutha creates illustrations and designs with an interest in fantasy and likes referencing social/pop in his work. His skills extend to design branding, layout designs, and character development.



Illustration serves a purpose; a well-planned composition and it’s subject matter have the power to inform, inspire and communicate. My thesis is an informative piece about the Shinto Goddess Uke Mochi, the Goddess of food. Inspired by the book Handbook of Japanese Mythology by MichaeI Ashkenazii, I chose to depict Uke Mochi because she is a strong female figure who died fulfilling her obligations. Goddess of fertility; Provider of rice from flat-lands, sea-weed and fish from the sea, cattle from the mountains; through her death she sustains life.

With her benevolent nature and the manner of her death, I share her story and help her legend live in complex Thangka style illustrations. The use of Thangkas is common amongst Eastern culture and generally depicts deities with events or myths that are attributed to their character. Thangkas traditionally are large tapestries that are painted as well as woven with a team of artists taking months to finish. The paintings showing Shinto Goddess of Food, Uke Mochi; demonstrates my ability to create and interpret information as well as investigate the market of mythology using illustrations as iconic symbols.