jasmine cisneros


Jasmine Cisneros works digitally to explore ways to integrate creative writing and digital 3D into her work. She wants her illustrative work to redefine expectations of what mediums can be used in illustration. Concept art, a branch of illustration she is interested in and used in the animation, video game, and film industries to develop the world a story takes place in. Cisneros sees illustration as a blueprint to a world that has yet to be created and explored in the final product.



As a child, (and even now), I loved video games more than my love for books. Video games are more immersive while books tell a story of a character and their actions and allow the reader to sympathize with the hero, but in video games you get to be the hero. You control the actions, the narrative, the pacing etc. As the years went by and the graphics of video games improved so did my love and admiration for the art increase through research and obsession I stumbled upon the branch of illustration called concept art.

Concept art is the foundation of all visual narrative mediums such as the video game, film, and comic industry-and the beginning of the creative pipeline where the blueprints for visuals are developed. My thesis is a series of concept art illustrations used to design the visual elements in a video game. The story that inspires my work is my own original narrative, The Contractor.

The Contractor is my original Sci-fi story that takes place on a post-apocalyptic earth where people live in the ruins of a technologically advanced ancient civilization. The human race is on the brink of extinction-hunted and preyed on by creatures that far exceed their physical abilities. Although there are cities that are technologically-advanced, only wealthy ones can reside in the safety of their walls while those who have nothing are left to their own devices.