leticia dominguez


Leticia Dominguez is a native Coloradan Illustrator who is fascinated with the biological sciences: anatomy, zoology and ecology. One of the most inspirational artist who is finally being recognized is Frida Kahlo. Inspiration comes from the colors, techniques, and the patterns latin artists use as well as the community surrounding her. Once she received an internship from Ink Lounge, Screen printing techniques and limitations have become an integral part of her illustrations.



When I first started the semester, I wanted to create an anatomy board game aimed for high school students as a fun tool to use during their studies. Over the course of the semester, I decided to change course. “What do I want to do with Illustration in general?” I don’t particularly want to be a board game illustrator, even though that could be fun. For this thesis project, shifted focus to create a conceptual illustration project based on editorial illustrations. I am creating three illustrations, each one references an article found in magazines like Nautilus, National Geographic and Discover Magazine.

These magazines are targeted towards adult audiences that may not have a scientific background but wants to read easily digestible material. Each of the illustrations are conceptually based in order to entice the reader to engage in the article and find out more.The final illustrations are start as pen and ink drawings. The drawings are then transformed into digital works, which then turn into screen printed posters to add a different texture than can be achieved with digital printing.