madalyn drewno


Hi there! My Name Is Madalyn Drewno. I am an illustrator, who lives in Denver. I work in a range of media from watercolor, to collage, to digital. My creativity thrives on storytelling, so I am driven towards creating conceptual and narrative based artwork. I am interested in illustrating children's books, graphic novels, and for various forms of publications. In my spare time I enjoy curling up on the couch with my dachshund, Tilly and listening to ASMR.



Where Lions Dance is a series of drawings and two large paintings that depict the Far East Center, which is a Southeast Asian shopping district in south Denver. These illustrations aim to capture the essence of the Far East Center as it was experienced in my childhood and from the perspective of my identity as an adopted Chinese American. In expressing my personal connection to the Far East Center, these illustrations tell a story that showcase vignettes of Southeast Asian American culture. Thus, this artwork can later be developed into a picture book in which Asian American culture is represented and shared with a wider audience.

The drawings of the Far East Center were informed through visual research gathered by sketching on site. This process enabled closer observation of the physical environment and led to a deeper emotional understanding of the center’s sense of place. The drawings were then used to inspire the two large paintings. The paintings incorporate mixed media to bring the sensations of the Far East Center to life, transporting the viewer to the place “where lions dance.”