margaret garcia


Margaret Garcia is a freelance illustrator based in Denver, Colorado. She works with a variety of media like graphite, ink, gouache, and watercolor with digital/vector art in Illustrator and Photoshop. She finds herself constantly making lists and sketching abstract compositions when new ideas strike. Her animation was shown in Denver at the 2017 SuperNova Festival. Her interests include concert going, puzzle making, analog photography, long naps, and petting cats/dogs.



Taking Control: Just Don’t Fake It, is a lighthearted guidebook for young artists to reference in times of need or self-doubt. It covers topics from finding your art style to the ways your mom would handle your art if she were a curator. The topics covered in this book are based on personal experiences as well as those mentioned by friends, and artists in the professional world.

In art school, students hope to gain knowledge and skills they may not be able to learn on their own. We are a mix of people who come from creative/non-creative backgrounds, and we all come together and relate through our experiences and artistic practices while in school. Through hard work and feedback from peers and professors alike we also begin to navigate through learning how to take criticism and applying it to our work, while in turn growing as artists and individuals.

My thesis project is a short conceptually illustrated book that focuses on the strange and quirky experiences many artists face at some point in their life. Though, our experiences and thoughts are seldom acknowledged beyond the discussions we have online with fellow artists, or in person with our friends in school. No matter where you have, will, or are currently going to art school; we as artists can all relate to working on projects last minute, the oddities of some professors and projects, and of course how our mothers are the best curators of our art in the entire world.