nalye lor


Since the tender age of four, Illustrator Nalye Lor recognizes creativity is a force to be reckoned with and uses it to her advantage to deal with everyday challenging obstacles. She is well-versed in design principles and illustration techniques, using them to create an array of whimsical and serious images. She believes that there is something magical in using technology to create extraordinary images, just as there is wonderment in crafting them by hand.



Unexplainable, magical phenomena is captivating because it opens doors to possibilities and questions the rules. I look to explore the many stories and truths in the world- with a dash of magic on it- just as I do in fictional works. Inspired and based on an old story of mine, this thesis project revolves around something captivating that I grew up with: fighting video games. Through the use and exploration of digital media, I focus on designing two characters, their respective fighting stages, and special attacks.

I am interested in pushing my illustrations forward with animation, exploring the dynamism of bringing flatness to life, and its interaction with light. To evoke a sense of nostalgia in my older audience, and for old-school game aesthetics for younger generations, the in-game visuals are in 2D pixels. The two characters are set as pixelated sprites with an idle stance motion to portray them in context to the fighting ground.

In the pursuit of creating an animated teaser to promote the game, a storyboard and animatic are created beforehand to lay out the scenes and timing. The same principle applies to the characters’ special attacks, in which I also create storyboards for first before even attempting to make the actual sprites. As this project is realized and manifests itself piece by piece over the semester, so are my childhood dreams in my passion for creativity.