shelby thompson


Shelby Thompson is an illustrator from Western Oklahoma and currently lives in Denver, Colorado. As of May 2018, she is equipped with a BFA with an emphasis in illustration. Her illustrations focus on light-hearted relatable characters, fun environments, and soft colors in a limited palette. At a young age Shelby was inspired by children's books she read and wanted to be an artist. She wanted to be able to tell her own light-hearted stories with her own engaging imagery.



Shelby wrote Sweater Weather a children's book to inspire the encouragement of creativity and self-confidence in readers. The story comes to life, with her 10 watercolor illustrations, as a dog realizes cold weather is approaching and he is without a sweater. He is unable to find a sweater that fits, due to his large size. Later, snow covers the landscape, but the main character is unable to play outside due to the lack of a warm outer garment. The defeated dog is visited by his friend who suggests he make his own.

The main character is struck with inspiration and creates his own sweater but is reluctant to be seen since the coat is much brighter than everyone else's. When he is about to give up, he is revisited by his friend that reveals that everyone has been asking where he has been all day. The main character gains confidence to go out and play in the snow. While out, everyone that sees his homemade sweater asks him to create a unique and fun sweater for them.