anna schultz

Painting & Drawing

Anna Schultz was born and raised in Colorado. She originally studied biology at the University of Colorado at Denver. In her second academic year, she changed her study path and is receiving her BFA in painting and drawing with a minor in art history in December 2018.

She has done many private commissions and has also been shown in small businesses, such as Cooper and Dash, Denver, CO., and The Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood, CO. This coming May, her work will also be shown with her fellow graduating classmates in their thesis show at Red Line Gallery, Denver, CO.



Anna Schultz’s work is inspired by the dark and mundane, the vintage and the odd, the spiritual and the emotional. She wants viewers to share in the feelings we are often afraid to show and the inchoate fears and desires we have. Using illustrative methods, she makes these thoughts appear to be more approachable and relatable to the viewer. Her mainly central compositions give the viewers no choice but to look directly at the illustration and think about what the piece is suggesting.

Though Schultz is assiduously process oriented, each of her works have a piece of her heart and psyche into them. They tell her story and who she is through illustrative paintings and drawings. By depicting the common humanity that we all share, viewers will connect and relate to her works.