arleigh johnson

Painting & Drawing

Arleigh Johnson receives his BFA from the University of Colorado, Denver in Fall 2018 with an emphasis in painting and drawing. He has been exhibited at the San Luis Valley Regeional Medical Center in Alamosa, CO, The Rooms of Lost Things, Denver, CO, and Euro Crepes, Denver, CO.



Arleigh Johnson is an artist whose work addresses ideas ranging from epistemology, spirituality laced within contemporary cultural history and visualized through depictions of the human body. Johnsons’ work revolves primarily around painting, drawing, and sculpture, but also employs the use of wax, assemblage, and woodworking methods.

For Johnson, the expressive qualities of the human figure and face, complimented with creative interpretation and expression, have been the vehicle of for communicating the intangible qualities and ponderings of the human spirit.