ashley blocker

Painting & Drawing

Born in Illinois, in 1994, Ashley Blocker began her artistic pursuits in Denver, Colorado. She was a full time athlete before making the leap to pursue her vision in art, allowing her hard working and ambitious character to crossover into her dream of becoming a painter and performer. Her love for experimentation in art and life throughout the years has guided her art from realism to full on abstraction.

Ashley began renegade painting at music and art festivals in 2016 which led to her passion of becoming a live painter. An important part of what drives her in life is inspiring and helping others to make art in order to gain further awareness and overall create a ripple in the world.



As I became extremely involved into the art world, I realized that a “Happening” had began taking place as part of my entire life. My work is inspired by a variety of Asian art and philosophy; I am especially interested in Sumi-e Ink painting and Monotype printing. My works of art are not so much a way of trying to attain a certain goal, but more so how I express my way of being and state of mind. I find the beauty of every individual brush stroke as they suggest a visual language on its own.

My way of working requires the art of discipline in concentration, clarity, and simplicity and has led me to incorporate meditation, repetition, and a disciplined mind state in order to fully express the essence of my work. Finding a way to make my art and life flow harmoniously on its own has developed over time naturally, as I have allowed my own spiritual journey to guide me toward creating a ripple in this world.

I have found beauty in simplicity and a deep reflection into the creative processes as it began to occur naturally throughout my day to day life. Drawing inspiration from Yoko Ono because she rejected the idea that an artwork must be a material object, my work of art became not only the finished product, but more about the concept in order to redirect our attention to ideas, instead of appearances.