chris allen

Painting & Drawing

  • In high school I had a range of interests including football and basketball, math and science, economics and art. Art was always something I did for fun and not something I saw as a career choice. My senior year of high school I had committed to attending the Colorado School of Mines to pursue environmental engineering. As the year went on more and more opportunities for art kept coming along for me. I had the opportunity to do a mural on the local Subway building as well as helping with a mural on the Public Works building. In addition to the show that every art student gets to be a part of I was also given two solo exhibitions, at the Church of Art and at Doghouse.

  • After receiving several commissions to do drawings of families and pets I realized there was potential in the art world. Doing commissioned portraits became a business I ran from my senior year of high school into my sophomore year of college. The issue with this business is as an artist you do not build up a body of work to show in galleries or apply to juried shows. I decided to pursue painting and build a body of work I could use for submitting a portfolio to juried shows, galleries, or even a graduate program. My current body of work focuses on the ties between our existence and the environmental concerns that come along with us.



My work focuses on the ties between human existence and extinction. In fact it is our very existence that can be viewed as the reason there are so many environmental concerns. Hence most of my work focuses on the implied presence of people within landscapes. I want to place us directly into these dystopian worlds which I see as our potential future. The viewer has the freedom to interpret how our overconsumption and over indulgence has led to ecological crises on land and in water. Companies increasingly find ways to produce more consumer goods for cheaper and cheaper costs in the United states have led to more plastic in food packaging, more personal digital devices, more cars. More has led simply, to more…

My works are a hybrid of realism and abstraction because I want people to feel these images represent a real possibility, yet remember it is only a possibility and we can always change the future. It is important that the imagery along with the colors be lushly seductive . I want viewers to be easily drawn in. The work should push us to consider what we can do to help slow and eventually stop the rate at which we are destroying our planet. While the earth will not cease to exist due to our actions; people will.