jessica gutierrez

Painting & Drawing

As a 23 year-old first generation, Mexican artist and feminist, Jessica Gutierrez paints, draws, enjoys shooting film photography, making zines, and keeping up with feminist works. Gutierrez has shown her work at Redline’s “Freak Mart” in 2017, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, “Art Mart” in 2016, zine fairs in Denver.

Her work can also be found on, a blog with writing, images and illustrations that covers a range of topics from ‘the talk’ to birth control and personal stories from weekly contributors. Gutierrez also contributes to a website that shares stylistic ideas through fashion photography.



In her series, We are Women, Jessica Gutierrez works with the female nude, consciously de-constructing stereotypes of the female body forced upon us through advertising, pornography and society. She uses imagery from Playboy magazines and mid twentieth-century pin-up imagery as references where women are typically viewed as sexual objects for the male gaze, and then gives that imagery a twist by returning the woman to power through depictions of the women engaged in real life and mundane tasks and objects such as tying their shoes or planting flowers.

Gutierrez wants her subjects to embrace aspects that society has deemed unfeminine such as weight, body type, and body hair. She depicts women in these mundane tasks to further normalize their nudity. Gutierrez additionally and deliberately pairs her subjects with familiar objects to also comment on the ways in which capitalism has objectified the female body. We are Women consists of works made with oil, gouache and ink. Each piece inherently has a central composition to emphasize the importance of the subject; she aims for female viewers to seek confidence in the women she depicts.