joanne y kim

Painting & Drawing

Joanne Kim was born in Lansing, MI. Kim grew up in South Korea and returned to the US when she was 11 years old. At age 27, she was nominated for a scholarship to the Jewelry Brand Management program offered by Wolgok Jewelry Research Center in South Korea. She attended a program there learning the process of jewelry brand management, design, market flow, computer-aided-design, and craft. Kim began to look at ways to design jewelry in combination with her drawing and painting. Currently attending CU Denver, Kim will receive a BFA with a concentration in painting and drawing in the summer of 2018.



I welcome a blank canvas. I love having unique materials to move from nothing to creation. My purpose is to use my work to explore the relationships among colors, materials, and surfaces, and to expand my abilities through constant experimentation. For my art work, I am inspired by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Gogh, Evan Sharboneau, and also by various three-dimensional artists. These influences inspire ideas and provide creative examples of uses of color.

My artwork uses mixed media such paint and metals. I create paintings and drawings that are abstract, detailed, delicate, geometric, and often emotional. I also make jewelry and sometimes combine it with painting and drawing. Using these materials and artistic influences, I am not only able to express my true self, but I also have a chance to think, absorb new information and learn more about the artistic process. As I learn more about my art, I learn more about myself. Creating artwork is an opportunity for exploration.