nadia farran

Painting & Drawing

Nadia Farran is a Palestinian American artist raised in Denver, Colorado. She lived in Dubai for most of her life and returned to the states in 2013 to start earning her BFA at the University of Colorado Denver. Farran started painting around age fifteen and never stopped. She has always been interested in the human figure and realism, and her work revolves mostly around portraiture and figure painting. She gathers most of her inspiration from her own experiences, and most of her paintings aim to convey emotions that she (or the subject) has experienced.

At times, she explores elements of surrealism in her work, using different kinds of distortion in portraits to convey different stories. Much of her work involves images projected onto the human body or distortion from water or glass. She takes great pleasure in trying to find the balance between photo realism and painterly work.



I work with the human body as a tool or a metaphor to remind us of our relationships to one another. The recent work focuses on romantic love, its projections, its pain, and its ability to obscure our sense of self. My work is referenced from photographs I take. Through figure painting I aim to evoke the emotion of the subject depicted. Usually focused on feelings of extreme discomfort, depression, or angst, I aim to convey the innermost feelings the subject is experiencing in a more subtle way.

At times I use projections or other distortions such as water or glass to add an more abstract element to the paintings. This hopefully lends the work some ambiguity and allows the viewers a way to interpret the work in their own way. This subtle abstraction allows viewers to decide for themselves what the subject is experiencing.

Because my personal experience is a large part of my work, I almost exclusively use myself or people very close to me as subjects. Most of my paintings over the past two years have been about the relationship I have had with Jeffrey Hawkins and the complexities of this relationship. Through sharing my experience and pain I hope that other people can see themselves and their loved ones in my work and relate to the feelings these paintings portray. I believe that with a deeper connection to the subject comes a truer representation of their emotional state.