Reuben Rowlette Thomas

Painting & Drawing

  • Reuben Rowlette- Thomas has practiced art since he was a child, which led him to finding an education in the fine arts field. He graduated from the Community College of Denver, earning his AA, transferring to the University of Colorado Denver, where he later earned his BFA in Painting and Drawing in 2018. He has been featured in art festivals throughout the Denver Metropolitan area, including Beastival Comic Festival 2016, Denver Chalk Art Festival 2017, and Denver Comic Con 2017.

  • Thomas also works as a freelance illustrator, producing logo designs for websites, tattoos, as well as private commissions for patrons. Exhibitions include, Emmanuel Gallery's “Community College of Denver Student Show(2014)”, and the University of Colorado Denver Thesis Show(2018).



Reuben Rowlette-Thomas is a painter, illustrator, graphic novelist and writer from the Denver Metropolitan area. Focusing on sequential art and storytelling, he wants to provide thought provoking narratives, and satirical/humor to his work. As an African American, he is also interested in placing his stories in the context of black American culture, from its lifestyle, hopes, dreams, and oppressions. Working in the accessible medium, he hopes to add to the discussion of race, gender, identity and the many different qualities of the American culture.

Thomas admires the work of contemporary comic artists, Ronald Wimberly and Joe Sacco, in addition to their social commentary, he admires the facility of their brushstroke and line quality in their work. With this in mind, he uses a number of materials to create blends,tones and texture on a paper and/or wood panels. His work has been featured in a few exhibitions in the Denver area, while his main focus is concentrated on his current book, Realms of the Mind, a graphic collection of short stories, with a prospected completion date of Spring of 2018.