korina rojo


Korina Rojo is a photographer born and raised in El Paso, Texas. In 2014 she moved to Colorado to continue her education in art. She is currently a University of Colorado Denver student, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography. She will be graduating in December of 2018. Her photography focuses on themes of identity and relationships. Korina’s photographs have been exhibited in local and national art galleries, such as West Arts Gallery, in Lakewood, CO in 2018 and Black Box Gallery, in Portland, OR in 2017.



Remnants is a series exploring the disillusionment that arises in romantic relationships. I employ symbolism as a way to reveal the contradictory feelings expressed throughout the duration of this union. The combination of these contrasting depictions reveal the narrative of shifts within each image while exposing its nuances.

The tragic irony within each scene is communicated through the juxtaposition of decaying objects placed on top of luscious romantic backdrops, such as silk bed sheets and vivid tablecloths. This can be seen in Pair of Pears, which shows two decomposing pears on top of a bold red table cloth. In Temporary Healing the psychological state of the relationship is seen through evidence of erratic chain smoking resulting in a dense pile of grimy cigarettes inside of a heart-shaped ashtray.

The sets I construct serve as metaphors which display the diverse state of human emotion. Everyday objects are manipulated by being intentionally placed in contexts outside of their intended purpose. These remnants of a relationship are expressed through leftover objects which serve as scenes of past events meant for observation. This work aims at disclosing the complexities of feelings that emerge in amorous relationships.