liv gross


Liv Gross developed a passion for photography in elementary school. Her work has been exhibited in multiple community shows for students: Adams 12 five star schools district art show in 2011, Front Range Community college in 2013, and TASHCO art show. Gross compiled a photography project for community reach center for their promotional materials for, which she received a commemorative plaque.

Gross' work was featured in a juried show at the Foundry Art Centre’s 2017. Gross received an award from Legacy High School an award for most important artist in 2010 as well as an award for excellence in achievement for being photography student of the year in 2008 from Northglenn High School.



Butterflies in my stomach. Working the graveyard shift. Bed of roses. Idioms are a humorous part of our everyday dialogue. They help us understand life, cope with challenges, and simply bring a smile to our faces on occasion. I bring comical and ironic idioms into two-dimensional form and express the ideas visually through photography. I create miniature tableaux that literally illustrate one or multiple idioms and then photograph these scenes, leaving the viewer to understand the idiom or make a new meaning when confronted with its visual depiction.

I consider my project to be a series of short stories because the idiom(s) used in the prints tell a story from my bizarre constructions. I am working with traditional black and white photography. I am using different materials for my sets, but mostly working with dollhouse miniatures as well as making my own props in order to create a story. Creating my sets and props takes me quite a while, and after I set up the scene then go and shoot it one way and change it up and set it up a different way and take a picture of it that way. Besides the setting the constructed scene up I’m also experimenting with different types of lighting, as well as combining more than one idiom in a scene that gives it a bit of a narrative quality. For example, I utilize both natural light and artificial light to achieve different effects and feelings.