mara gross


Born in Denver, Colorado Mara Gross will receive her BFA at the University of Colorado Denver in spring 2018 with a thesis at the Red Line Gallery in Denver. Her work was featured in the Black Box photography exhibition Color Photography in December of 2017. Her work concerns a new perspective on ordinary life after being involved in a car accident. She came across photography while in middle school and attended the Monroe Gallery of Fine Art. Her influences are William Eggleston to Wolfgang Tillmans due to the spontaneous yet ordinary subject matter.



I have been creating work portraying the feeling of saudade. Saudade describes the feeling of missing someone/something. Evoking a sense of loneliness and incompleteness: representing the recollection of feelings, places or events that once brought excitement, pleasure, and well-being. These recollections trigger the senses. Saudade combines happy and sad feelings; the sadness from missing something loved and the happiness for having experienced the love.

Saudade: The Love That Remains was created after June 22nd 2013, when my best friend and I were on our way home from Telluride, CO and were involved in a car accident. My friend did not make it, and changed my life forever. I've been trying to hold on to memories I wasn't ready to let go of. My photographic work became a coping mechanism and allowed me to recreate images of what once was: moments and memories I wished to hold on to.

I use disposable cameras to compliment my snapshot aesthetic while enabling an adolescent nostalgia. Images of different sizes are collaged together on cork board and are pinned up with pins emulatining memory boards from ones younger years. Beginning with an analog product, color film is developed using the C-41 process and scanned into the computer. The images are printed via digital inkjet printer. Providing depth and nostalgia of film while preserving the images as memories in a digital realm.