vy pham


Vy Pham is a creative born and raised in Colorado, and is currently pursuing a Bachelors with Dual-Emphasis in Photography and Digital Design. As a then-psychology student, he re-kindled his passion for the arts upon taking his first photography and from that moment on, was enraptured by his desire for self-expression.

Throughout his years entwined with this newly-discovered life-path, he developed a wide breadth of knowledge and experience with a number of disciplines, ranging from screen-printing, to digital media. While he aspires towards a professional career in the design-world, he intends for photography to remain a large part of his creative-practice.



My series Back/Front Stage incorporates fashion photography overlaid over nude portraiture. I aim to explore the idea of identity and how much we both conceal, yet reveal to the world by our use of personal fashion—these are printed on digital transparency to overlay over the analog nudes to exemplify this idea. The idea of the nudes might be seen as a representation of ‘true’ identity; rather, I more intend their usage to illustrate the idea that there is more to identity than what we might initially try to perceive. This is in order for viewers to question their superficial interpretations of others.

I have coined the term justa-super-imposition in order to conflate the two recognizable ideas of juxtaposition and superimposition to illustrate this use of layering in my series. As a result, I aim create a new sense of meaning from two often seen genres of photographic representation into a more abstract and contextual representation.